Eighth Annual Rincon Invitational Announcement

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8th Annual Rincon Invitational GraphicDear fellow surfers,

The Groundswell Society is stoked to announce that the 8th Rincon Invitational will be held the weekend of March 14-15 2014.

Over the years the Invitational has earned a unique reputation for giving teams of surfers with outstanding public service records the opportunity to surf some of California’s best waves for an hour to themselves. Starting in 2008 with 12 teams, the event has expanding to 22 clubs and organizations thanks to a growing trend in the surfing world where “sharing the stoke of surfing” is as important, or more so, than the commercial or competitive versions of modern surfing. We even had an alternate list last year!

The Society would like to extend the opportunity to be in the event to your club, company, or non-profit organization that has been involved in significant public service efforts during 2014.

If you want to be a part of the next Rincon Invitational, please complete the attached application at your next club meeting or with the managers of your company or non-profit organization. See the following pages for more info concerning contributions to the Event Fund, ordering t-shirts, and other info. For more information or to submit your application by email, contact Glenn
Hening & the Rincon Invitational Organizing Committee at g.hening@rain.org. / 805-382-0657.

Hope to hear from you soon.

8th Annual Rincon Invitational Application

Download your application here then complete it and email it to Glen at g.hening@rain.org